This is my new 25-min conf presentation. CX/UX Strategies to Reinvent the Customer Experience In an era of faster, faster, faster, our workplaces are ...View Details

Meet Tiffany McIntire, a senior Human Factors Engineer in the healthcare space. Learn what that is and likely ways to enter into that kind of career. ...View Details

Special guest Lee Andrese from discusses UX job titles, levels, job descriptions, and what is the future of UX jobs.   Watch on YouTube: ...View Details

Larry Marine is finally our guest! Learn more about observational research and knowledge design.   Watch on YouTube:

Join guest Nick Morgan as we discuss and warn about the ugly sides of some UX job applications and interviews.   Watch on YouTube: Details

Ep 085: Earning Respect

Dr Seth Finkle joins us again for a look at respect. What are we doing at our jobs that earn it or kill it? Does "democratization" make us and CX/UX m...View Details

Why should we prototype? Why prototype realistically? Why do I recommend using Axure for realistic rapid prototyping? Come learn a little bit about Ax...View Details

(the stream blipped at some point but it comes back!) Join Darren Hood & Dr. Nick Fine live as we discuss how UX juniors can stand out, especiall...View Details

Guest Joel Barr shares some strategies and ideas around how we can get more buy-in for UX research on our teams and in our organization. This turned i...View Details

Let's learn the right things to say plus what the heck things mean. Join guest Michele Ronsen from Video and transcript options:Des...View Details

Join guest David Knickerbocker to learn more about machine learning and artificial intelligence. We're probably using those terms incorrectly, so let'...View Details

How can we know the value of a UX certificate or program? How do we make that decision, weighing the value of your time and money against other things...View Details

Join Laurel Elders live as we discuss your life purpose. What is it? How do you find it? We'll have an exercise at the end to help you start to figure...View Details

Join guest experts Susan Hura and Cheenu Chari in a discussion about chatbots and conversational UX. What are they? How can you get into that field?  ...View Details

Join guest Elisa del Galdo as we discuss what service design is. How is it different than other CX/UX work? How do you get into it?    Watch on YouTub...View Details

With business analysts documenting exactly how this looks and works, product owners doing wireframes, and engineers asking customers "what they want,"...View Details

Today's special guest is Sam Harper to talk about his popular Medium article, "10 sobering realities every brand-new UX designer needs to accept." Thi...View Details

Join guest Joel Barr as we debunk bad portfolio advice! We burned some of these bad ideas to the ground, hence the fire. Remember that the #1 way to h...View Details

Join special guest Andy Foote to talk about your personal brand and how to express it on LinkedIn. We also covered a lot about strategy for connecting...View Details

Join our international panel of guests: Nehal Shah, Francis Nwakire, and Tom Kozacinski. We'll be talking about startups we've been in (or are working...View Details

We hope people understand what UX does, but do we understand what other roles do? Let's learn. We'll demystify several basic misunderstandings that te...View Details

You're relatively new to UX but you are interested in writing about it or creating videos about it. What should you write about? Should you write how ...View Details

You are passionate about working in CX/UX, but you are tired of feeling like you constantly have to sell it. How DO we get that seat at the table that...View Details

Join special guest Adam Kleinberg, CEO of Traction, an award-winning agency/consultancy in San Francisco. Agencies are too often order takers, just do...View Details

Join Ruth Diaz, PsyD for a discussion about what resilience is and how we improve it. It's vital for working in CX/UX! You can also find her at Figure...View Details

We're thrilled to have Dr Seth Finkle joining us again for a look at recognizing gaslighting and how to tell when you're being set up to fail at work....View Details

Join special guest Michele Ronsen from Curiosity Tank as we explore some of the "how tos" of UX research. We'll talk a bit about question types and ge...View Details

I have a report based on a 2004 study asking "experts" what the internet will be like in 2014. Were they right? Were they close? What did they predict...View Details

Join special guest David Snodgrass as we unwrap and discuss "empathic" or "empathetic" design. What is empathy? What is empathetic design? Should we d...View Details

Ep 061: Is UX Elitist?

Guests Dr. Nick Fine and Darren Hood discuss is UX elitist from a number of angles. Is the barrier to career entry too high? If so, is that elitist? I...View Details

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