Reading and discussing my Medium article on this topic. Details

(This one might not work as an audio podcast. You might want to watch the YouTube version if possible to see what we see. Details

Are you curious about transitioning from academia to UX? Alaina will be here to tell us about her experience and give her advice. You can also check o...View Details

I'll be reading my article and turning it into a live discussion. Details

This was our show with Hang Xu. My internet died a bit there, but this was the version that was recorded locally on my computer. All links relating to...View Details

Considering a UX bootcamp? Let's talk about how I would select one, and then how I would get my money back afterwards. All links related to the live s...View Details

I'll be reading my latest Medium article, and we'll discuss it. All links related to the l...View Details

I'll be reading Nick Foster's "On Design Thinking" Medium article, and we'll discuss it. We ...View Details

Meet more people who've struggled to find a job in UX. Lots of great ideas and advice in here! All links related to the live stream: https://deltacx.c...View Details

So many of you have questions about being a freelancer or contractor, or starting your own small business. Some of you have already learned the hard w...View Details

The #1 question I get, especially from those trying to find their first UX job is: how can my portfolio stand out? Let's talk about HOW. All links rel...View Details

Join our panel guests as they talk about their lows and highs in trying to find their first UX job. How long did it take? What worked and didn't work?...View Details

Writing? Want to write? Come learn! We'll be talking about the Medium Partner Program, putting courses on Udemy, publishing to Amazon and Kindle, some...View Details

Why aren't more UX newbies getting entry-level jobs with training, support, and coaching? Who are those jobs going to instead, and it we want to point...View Details

Let's look at what's been predicted for 2022 as hot or trendy. Do you think it'll happen? Last? Is it really a trend? All links related to the live s...View Details

Let's discuss Lean and what it really means... or should mean! Based on my article Details

I'll be reading my new Medium article, taking questions and comments, and opening it up for discussion. We'll also be talking about critical thinking,...View Details

Michele Ronsen from will be telling us all about ResearchOps! All links related to the live stream: Watch ...View Details

Sorry for some of the audio blips! All links related to the live stream: Watch on YouTube:

Time for critical thinking about "The Lean Startup" book and what came from it including MVPs, shipping fast, and the Lean UX book, which picked up wh...View Details

Taking piles of live questions about CX and UX freelancing, contracting, and starting your own agency. Watch on YouTube:

Join our panel of experienced UX pros Sophie, Salomon, and Julia. Learn what working in UX is really like.  Watch on YouTube: Details

Nearly all UX education courses, programs, degrees, videos, and more are making the same mistakes. Let's look at 2 ideas I have on how to fix them. Wa...View Details

Let's discuss how CX, UX, and Agile can work better together. All links related to the live stream:   Watch on YouTube: http...View Details

People wonder how UX can get a seat at the table. CX/UX doesn't need a seat at the table. We ARE the table. All you have is the customers' experiences...View Details

Today we'll be talking about the difference between being feature-oriented and being task-oriented. Plus Q&A time.

Come hear special guest Sophie Freiermuth talk about where project and product management are part of our UX work. Sorry about some of her internet bl...View Details

Welcome special guest Bettinna to help us learn at least the basics :) about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs... and how these tie to UX. Sorry ...View Details

3 more UX pros join us today to tell us what day to day UX work is really like. Ask your questions live through YouTube [] or Lin...View Details

Join guest Julia DeBari as we suggest some questions you should ask during interviews. Let's make sure the place interviewing you is really where you ...View Details

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