Today we'll be talking about the difference between being feature-oriented and being task-oriented. Plus Q&A time.

Come hear special guest Sophie Freiermuth talk about where project and product management are part of our UX work. Sorry about some of her internet bl...View Details

Welcome special guest Bettinna to help us learn at least the basics :) about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs... and how these tie to UX. Sorry ...View Details

3 more UX pros join us today to tell us what day to day UX work is really like. Ask your questions live through YouTube [] or Lin...View Details

Join guest Julia DeBari as we suggest some questions you should ask during interviews. Let's make sure the place interviewing you is really where you ...View Details

Join guest Lee Andrese as we give tips and advice on better interviewing. How to give more concise but compelling answers to interview questions. :) W...View Details

You've been sending in lots of programs. Let's take a look if any seem good! We previously did this in episode 110 with another bunch of programs. htt...View Details

Apologies! We had multiple audio and video problems during this show. But the info was great and I hope you will give it a listen anyway! Join guest M...View Details

Can you really get a UX or UI job without education, knowledge, experience, qualifications, a degree, a certificate, or a portfolio? Many videos and a...View Details

Is UX all workshops and sticky notes and delight? Join 3 live panelists who will talk about their real day to day experiences working in UX. It might ...View Details

Answering your questions and giving advice on planning, recruiting, and executing moderated and unmoderated UX research. Watch on YouTube: https://you...View Details

Michele Ronsen discusses assessing your job's situation, improving UX maturity where you can, getting research buy-in, and learning during job intervi...View Details

Join us live for a very special guest, Vivianne Castillo. We'll be discussing her HmntyCntrd endeavors, self care, personal trauma, and workplace trau...View Details

Welcome our special expert guests Jessica Smith and Suzanne Richards. Watch on YouTube:

I'll be reading my new Medium article and taking your feedback and questions live! Details

Join guest Stephanie Walter to learn about working in Enterprise UX!   Watch on YouTube:

Part 2... Episode 115 was part 1... These are my new slides on understanding Agile and Lean, how we can use those princip...View Details

This is part 1 of a 2-part presentation, "Transforming Towards Customer-Centricity." Part 2 next Wednesday will be about what Agile and Lean really ar...View Details

Join Daniel Engelberg as he gives his advice for juniors and advanced practitioners when it comes to getting access to real users for your research an...View Details

We did a live panel discussion on the Google UX Design curriculum and program. Joining me are three people who each took most of it. Shaleen Sachdeva,...View Details

My new Medium article about how we have to start undoing what's been undoing our industry. I'll take live questions and comments as I go. https://delt...View Details

My new Medium article, and taking live questions, comments, and disagreements. Details

Today's the day I look at educational curricula and tell you if any of these look good. I have a long list people have been sending in for weeks! I st...View Details

This is my 2021 conference presentation for non-CX/UX audiences. Learn how we can push for greater customer-centricity and therefore CX/UX maturity at...View Details

Join Ben Smithwell for a smart and snarky look at the endless definitions and uses of design thinking. I got so excited by the premiere of my new them...View Details

Learn how to transition into research from Michele Ronsen! Resources mentioned: Sign up for Fuel your Curiosity, my monthly-ish newsletter for user re...View Details

Join Dr Seth Finkle as we discuss what critical thinking is, how you can tell when someone isn't using it, and how we can do more of it. Watch on YouT...View Details

Join special guest UX researcher Sotiris Sotiropoulos to learn more about setting up and managing your own user pool!   Watch on YouTube: https://yout...View Details

Julia DeBari, an instructor who has taught at 7 bootcamps, told us a bit about how the sausage is made. Marked explicit for one swear word.   Watch on...View Details

Super guest Dr. Seth Finkle (psychologist) is back to talk about more self and workplace help. We'll be talking about being a better advocate for your...View Details

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